AMV Artistic Anarchy

AMV Artistic Anarchy
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Английское Название: AMV Artistic Anarchy
Год Выхода: 2011
Студия: Sora no kagami
Автор Оригинала: Echotrooper
Аниме: Samurai Champloo
Музыка: Oasis - Falling Down (Prodigy remix)
Награды: Лучший экшен (Action) на конкурсе Level Up 2011v

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Комментарий Автора:
Yo! Here is my entry for Level Up 2011. When I decided to participate in this contest i had only one obsession : improve my skills to better "express myself" in my amv. So, i I decided to ask to Dn@ to accept me as novice and he was agreed. This amv is only an action amv on Samurai Champloo and on a kind of music i never edited before this contest. I tried to do my best on this music, helped by lot of DN@'s tips. I have no really other interesting things to tell you about my amv so I hope you'll enjoy it! About collab with Dn@: It was a great experience for me. Dn@ is one of the best french amv maker and he has lot of advices which helped me to improve myself in amv making. In short, I'm really glad to have worked with him on this contest and I thank him very much for the help he provided me!

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ну не чё так норм....
музыка классная)

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прикольно мне очень понравилось 

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